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You Know What Makes Me Happy? The Cottage

We finally opened the cottage! It was so good to go up there. Even though we had to buy a roof carrier for the Jeep because we can't fit Finn in the trunk, the baby in the back seat and all of our baby stuff on the remaining chunk of the back seat. We didn't get a ton of time up there, since we arrived Saturday so that my mom and Brenna and her fiance could warm up the cottage before Molly arrived.

You KNow What Makes Me Happy? Bruce Beach Boogies

​A Bruce Beach Boogie is what my family calls a walk on the beach where our cottage is. But it's not just a walk... it's a family walk, with that feeling of being slightly sunburned, talking, dragging sticks, in and out of the water, picking up cool rocks, feeling tired in that awesome way that comes from too much swimming, sometimes full from dinner that you probably didn't have to make. ​

You Know What Makes Me Happy? A Week Off at the Beach

We spent this week at the cottage. It was a much needed break from all the chaos that's been swirling through my life lately. Jay still had lots of work to do and worked through most of the week, remotely, but at least we could stay up late playing RISK, have tons of delicious food, play with the cats all the time, and float around in the lake. I spent large chunks of the week curled up on a quilt under a huge rainbow umbrella, reading magazines about Typography and Gluten-Free Living and drinking Pina Coladas.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Beavers.

I have a soft spot for beavers. I like seeing them on our Canadian nickels. I love that they are this kind of hilarious national animal. I love beaver jokes. I like how their feet look like alien hands. Seriously.... google it. If I ran into one on the street, I would run away, and I like that about them, too. These are not pushovers.... these are some secretly feisty Canadians that cut knock trees down with their teeth.

Failing at Sleeping

I am terrible at sleeping. I either go too long or too short. I can never find that sweet spot between drooling and dry leather tongue. If I hear any noise, instead of waking up, I talk to it (EMBARRASSING.) I never achieve cute bedhead. Instead, I wake up with a lions mane on one side of my head and strands of spaghetti on the other. I am always either too hot or too cold.

Oatmeal: The Homemade Napalm

Welcome to the worst oatmeal experience of my life. 2 Days ago. And no, nobody could make this shit up. It starts with me making oatmeal. In a skirt.

I did all the right things. I emptied the little packets into the bowl. I boiled the water. I added the water to the bowl. I stirred. I grabbed my spoon & oatmeal and walked out of the kitchen.


Pine River Cheese: Best Cheese. Biggest Cheese Curd Shortage.

Pine River Cheese is the best cheese. I say this because I have a cottage near the factory where Pine River Cheese is produced and I have eaten it almost my entire life.

Until last year. When the cheese factory BURNED DOWN.

This led to an epic autumn car chase through the city of Toronto in search of 'The Cheese'. It culminated in a showdown in Loblaws near Scarlett Rd. where I spotted two tiny packages on the top shelf and Brenna leaped for my throat across the dairy aisle. I lost the last package to her feral growling.