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Embroidered and Mended Shirtdress

I finished mending this beloved dress today so that I can wear it tonight to teach visible mending at Needlework! The original dress was made in 2014 for me to wear to my bridal shower. I used some Martha Negley quilting cotton (from Needlework!) and the Darling Ranges dress pattern (by Megan Nielsen). It has been in the top favourite dress pile since then, but it was starting to show (a lot!) of signs of wear. There was fraying around the neckline, many of the buttonholes had frayed and ripped larger, it has faded and some of the seams had started to loosen or unravel.

Waiting for the Baby & Embroidering Things

What a cute face!! I embroidered this picture after seeing the work of PartyO'Clock and Hooplastitch on Etsy. Except like all things Etsy, I felt like I could make it myself (plus, I have the time right now, since I am just sitting here, trying not to think about how uncomfortable I am, and waiting for the baby). Sooo.... having never embroidered really anything, I dove right in. And totally failed my first attempt. (Something crazy happened to the eyes... I don't know. It was unfixable.) The second go round I smartened up and did some outlines first, then some "base layer" stitches to show me the direction of his hair growth, and it all worked out MUCH better. I am so happy with it!