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$15 Fall Challenge (Reveal!)

As you saw on Monday, it's time for the reveal of the $15 Fall Challenge! To recap, we were supposed to take $15 and make a fall themed vignette. So, um, the table above is mine! Except I obviously illustrated it and broke all the rules. But here's the thing... there's a craft! You see that little rock with the face? In our family we have little rocks with faces on them for everyone that is in our family or has ever eaten a big meal with us or who we just like.

$15 Fall Decor Challenge (Part 1)

Jeanette asked on twitter if any other bloggers would be into doing a fall decoration challenge with her and I was SO IN. The rules are that we have to take $15 to the dollar or thrift store and find some autumn decorating items and make some kind of tableau or decoration and then blog it and share everyone else's.

Rainbow Mobiles of Happiness

It's February. If a month of the year could be my nemesis, this would be it. Every year I swear that I will leave the country in February and not come back until it's over because nobody really needs to see what February reduces me to. It leaves every year with me a sobbing and quivering mess of anxiety and depression. This year I spent the first eight days of February making rainbow mobiles off of Pinterest in hopes that sewing countless bands of bright paper together would counteract the fact that I hadn't seen sun in way too long.