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It's Ranunculus Season!

There is only one ranunculus in this bouquet, the orange flower to the left of the central purplish rose. Ranunculus are up there with tulips and crocus and daffodils as the flowers that exude spring to me. I want spring so bad I can almost taste it (except I can’t, and am still really feeling the effects of a long winter). If you stop in at your favourite local florist I bet they have a few ranunculus just waiting for you!

Grocery Store Plants Are My Secret Favourite?

I bought a pot of these huge yellow mums at the grocery store the other day. When Molly was about one and a half I guess she and Jason went to the grocery store and he said offhand “I guess we should buy some flowers for mummy!” and then for about half a year she would say that exact phrase every time we went in the store. And now even though she is four and hates the grocery store, every time I walk in and see the flowers I think “We should buy some flowers for mummy! Yep. And we will. Bahaha!” (Sometimes I say that all out loud including the evil laugh and people give me side eye).

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Spring! 10 Ways to Embrace Spring Early.

We all struggle with the winter blues but February has always been particularly tough for me. This February has been sunnier and warmer than any other in my experience, but I still feel a fierce longing for spring. I can't wait to ride my bike along the water's edge, wake up with the sun instead of before it, and sit outside on my breaks from work. Do you want to embrace spring with me? Here are 10 ways I am embracing spring early: