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Heart Picture Day 2012

Happy Valentines Day! You can see I dressed in red and made a heart. Caileigh posed with me for this Valentines picture! She also laughed super hard when she asked me what I was doing (cutting out a heart shape) and I yelled without thinking "I am MAKING LOVE!" You would think I would have learned by now to think before I speak. And definitely to think before I yell.

Rainbow Mobiles of Happiness

It's February. If a month of the year could be my nemesis, this would be it. Every year I swear that I will leave the country in February and not come back until it's over because nobody really needs to see what February reduces me to. It leaves every year with me a sobbing and quivering mess of anxiety and depression. This year I spent the first eight days of February making rainbow mobiles off of Pinterest in hopes that sewing countless bands of bright paper together would counteract the fact that I hadn't seen sun in way too long.

Zen 2.0 & The Green Room Collide and Make Sweet Magic

Have you heard of the Zen Apartment? Or its new incarnation as Zen 2.0? Allison of Create Positive Spin & Robin of Still Motion Image moved in downstairs in December. We are a blogging mecca, this house. You have seen Allison in previous posts, but you might be wondering how it's going, with the Green Room stacked over Zen 2.0? Can both wonderful places exist at the same latitude and longitude on earth without explosions of happiness and possible nuclear fallout?