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We Got Married!

Jay and I got married yesterday! It felt perfect to me. Never have I been so happy for so many hours in a row before. I will post more pictures once we have them (and photobooth pictures within a few days). I just wanted to shout my happiness to the internet! We're MARRIED!!!! Thank you everyone for coming and dancing your hearts out and all of your happy wishes that were pouring in over social media yesterday. We love you guys, too.

I'm Always Glad I Am Not A Pinata

I'm working on some pieces for my kids illustration portfolio and hanging out with Finn this week. The prints of James St. North came in and they look gorgeous. I could not be happier with the quality of the the paper. Tonight we are off to get one framed and then I will have it up on Etsy (once it's back). So exciting!

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Clean Hair.

You know when you have those days where you just have less confidence, everything makes you feel kind of bitter and enraged and you spend most of the day avoiding people and listening to your headphones? Those days are closely tied to the state of my hair, for me. The thing is, my hair takes SO MUCH TIME.

$15 Fall Challenge (Reveal!)

As you saw on Monday, it's time for the reveal of the $15 Fall Challenge! To recap, we were supposed to take $15 and make a fall themed vignette. So, um, the table above is mine! Except I obviously illustrated it and broke all the rules. But here's the thing... there's a craft! You see that little rock with the face? In our family we have little rocks with faces on them for everyone that is in our family or has ever eaten a big meal with us or who we just like.

That's the Face of a Man Who Appreciates Prosciutto

I absolutely love weddings. I never fail to enjoy myself. Well, actually, that's true of my personality in general, but I ESPECIALLY enjoy myself at weddings. Jay (and Brenna and HER Jay) helped my good friends Eliana and Mark tie the knot this weekend. I had to share this picture because it's one of the best ones we have taken in a while! Jay looks so happy because he just ate only the prosciutto parts of a dozen prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? A Week Off at the Beach

We spent this week at the cottage. It was a much needed break from all the chaos that's been swirling through my life lately. Jay still had lots of work to do and worked through most of the week, remotely, but at least we could stay up late playing RISK, have tons of delicious food, play with the cats all the time, and float around in the lake. I spent large chunks of the week curled up on a quilt under a huge rainbow umbrella, reading magazines about Typography and Gluten-Free Living and drinking Pina Coladas.

2 Year Blog-iver-sary!

Today marks two years of blogging for Living In A Green Room. I kind of can't believe that I stuck it out this long. I thought for sure that this was going to be one of those things that I did for two months and than gradually faded away from, like so many other hobbies and passions in my life. I love this space. I love telling stories, making people laugh, connecting with all my friends and readers who I might not get to see in person as often as I would like. This blog has given me a huge and amazing expressive outlet.

Moving To Hamilton: Part 1

I am moving to Hamilton in 3 weeks to make a home with Jay. Happy Bunny is moving to California for the summer to be with Mr. Happy Bunny. My name twin and past roommate Amanda is moving to Philadelphia. It feels like everyone is moving right now. I am beyond excited to move. Make a home with Jay? Have the two cutest kitties ever and maybe add a dog? Have spending money? Join the loveliest and most supportive arts community I have ever heard of? Space for a studio?

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Secret Compartments

I want to explain about something slightly foolhardy that I did and why. I bought a box. Basically, this is what happened: I needed a case to carry my watercolour supplies back and forth from Jay's house in, since sometimes I am unable to work properly if I am afraid things will get damaged in transit, etc. I thought it would be a great idea to get a vintage suitcase and trick out the inside with my mad sewing skills so it had compartments for all my little watercolour pieces. So good in theory, right?

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Colour Coding!

I am a colour coding addict. I am tempted to colour in boxes on my spreadsheets at work that don't even have content in them, just because it's so flipping pretty. As a compulsive organizer, I have an unending love for spreadsheets, flowcharts and graphs. Mind Maps make me smile and Venn diagrams make me happier than ice cream does.