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Illustration Inspiration: Abigail Halpin

Abigail Halpin is an Illustrator from Northern New England. She has an adorable illustration blog and a hilarious AND adorable comic blog, A Thousand Cups of Coffee. I have been following her work for almost a year, but only found the comic blog recently (How did I miss it? It's linked from the main page of the blog... sometimes I am blind, I swear.)

Inspiration: Sabrina Vincent - Illustrator

Isn't this watercolour gorgeous? Sabrina Vincent is the first artist inspiration I am featuring on my blog, because I am in love with her fanciful and endearing illustrations. You all know that I am more in love with Watercolour illustrations every day, and I have begun following my favourite illustrators through blogs and pinterest.

Becoming a Children's Illustrator: Mind Map To End All Mind Maps

Are you thinking of becoming an Illustrator? Photographer? Writer? Disc Jockey to alien species? Discovering of all the avenues you need to pursue can be tough (I would know). Having finally decided after a long time of writing and illustrating a life blog a couple times a week that I wanted to really buckle down and pursue this dream, I immediately threw myself into tons of reading materials, online blogs, and illustration society websites. I also sat down with more than a few illustrator friends and picked their brains.