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As I Draw: Burst (Illustration Friday)

I am back on the Illustration Friday bandwagon! The word this week is "Burst", and this is the first thing I thought of. Later I thought of that feeling you have after Chinese Buffet, and that would have been funny, but I was in the mood to draw kitties and bees. So that's what I did.Illustration Friday is a great quick warmup for my day.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Waking Up With Mocha

Every morning Mocha wakes me up by crawling on top of my body, purring super loud and slowly petting my face with her paw. AT 5:00 AM. The first few times it happened, I woke up ready to kill people, and I would start swatting around without opening my eyes in a futile attempt to make whatever the heck was on my face GO AWAY. Then Jay would be like "Look at her! It's so cute! Open your eyes.... you can't be mad if you see this..." and then I would open my eyes and be magically transformed into the sappiest fool on the planet.