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You Know Who Makes Me Happy? My Mom.

It's Mother's Day! I just wanted to write a short post to tell you all about how amazing my mom is. The illustrated picture is of my mom with Brenna and I at roughly the ages of 9 and 6. I feel like some of my most poignant memories of my mom were at this age. I still remember watching her get ready to go out to dinner with my dad and curling her hair, putting on lipstick and perfume and fancy shoes and being in awe of how beautiful she was (and still is).

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Hamilton

Did you know that Jay and I are looking for a house in Hamilton? And that Hamilton is awesome? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN HAMILTON. I got this tote bag from Russell Gibbs (he keeps bees!), and it's my new favourite thing. I bring it all over Toronto on my bicycle to shock my fellow locals. For those of you who are not local, everyone in Toronto thinks that Hamilton is a really dirty suburb and everyone in Hamilton thinks that Torontonians are weird arrogant city people who foolishly think Hamilton is a suburb of Toronto.

I Chews You - Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Season is arriving again. There are no heart pictures this year, instead I decided to embrace the art of the eccentric valentine. Usually these weird valentines are things that I send to the people I love (Doesn't everyone compare their love for their mom with their love of onions once a year? Makes your eyes water with goodness and has tons of layers? No?)

Welcoming the New Year Blanket Fort Style

Every year I write down things that I learned through the year. This will be the first year that I will be doing this on the blog, so I am going to cap it at ten items. I of course learned so many more things this year than I can possibly list here, but it's a taste of the bigger things that happen behind the frivolity that I normally share here.

Happy Bunny & Matt: Puppet Edition

Yesterday Happy Bunny got married! Aaaaaaand: finally I can reveal the gift that Jay and I made for them! I figured out what I wanted to make right after they got engaged: puppets of themselves. Back then I hadn't made puppets professionally.

I also had two years ahead of me to figure it out.

So of course I wait until 4 months beforehand to get started.

Corn. On The Cob. And Then Not On The Cob.

I eat corn a wee bit funny. I just eat it really... precisely. So at the end, the corn has nothing left on it. Like how a bird would eat it.

Anyways. After the Neti Pot post, which Jay only heard about once I posted about it, he asked me if I had any other big shockers that he needed to know about. Just so he isn't sitting there, staring at his blackberry in horror, mid-meeting, after finding out some terrible revelation I feel I need to make to the internet.

One Year Living In A Green Room Anniversary!

Guess what today is? Okay, I know... I gave it away in the title. I am always doing that. THIS IS THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF LIVING IN A GREEN ROOM!!! I can't believe it's been a year. I swear I was sure that I only had enough material for 7 blog posts.

Like all years of my life, this one has had it's tumultuous moments. I started blogging the day after I lost my dream job to budget problems. I remember Allison telling me that I should blog because she would always read it.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? The Beach.

This is not a normal post. This is a post FROM THE BEACH. I am on my first real vacation in a few years, with Jay, at the cottage. Mostly I've been eating delicious food and laughing at the cats and re-reading Harry Potter. Being up here has reminded me of being a little kid and walking down the beach and being swung through the air between my parents. Yes, I used to be super blonde and wear green and pink together.

Double Plunger Walk Of Shame

I'm having a rough week and it seems a thousand things are going wrong. As in my previous post, I have completely lost control of my apartment and eating habits. Jay got so fed up with the Brita water smelling like rotting vegetation that he finally spearheaded a movement to clean out my fridge, which I had just stopped opening. (Duh, if it smells bad when you open the door, stop opening the door.)

Heart Picture Day

It's Valentines Day. Which is an awesome day for showing all of the people in our hearts big pictures of hearts. Yes. Heart Picture Day. And sometimes, if you are firmly embedded in someone's heart, you might get a HEART CUTOUT. Of paper. Not a real heart. That's sick. Happy Bunny, Brenna and I have always been "Balentimes". Every year since I can remember, which goes as far back as dancing around the living room with heart stickers on our faces. Which is obviously a tradition I still follow.