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Wedding Photobooth Pictures

Phew! I ploughed through these photos last night because I love you guys (and also photobooth photos). Yesterday we tidied our yard, opened gifts and maybe teared up a bit over some of the cards, and had long naps. Now we are off to the cottage for a week! If you would like your picture removed or to receive a higher quality digital copy of a certain photo, just let us know and we will figure it out when we get back. 

We Got Married!

Jay and I got married yesterday! It felt perfect to me. Never have I been so happy for so many hours in a row before. I will post more pictures once we have them (and photobooth pictures within a few days). I just wanted to shout my happiness to the internet! We're MARRIED!!!! Thank you everyone for coming and dancing your hearts out and all of your happy wishes that were pouring in over social media yesterday. We love you guys, too.