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You Know What Makes Me Happy? Allison

Allison lives downstairs. We met working for a Puppetry company in Toronto. Before I even met her, I knew we were destined to be friends because people were calling us by each others names by accident (I was working another day job at the beginning, and we didn't cross paths). We really don't look that much alike, although we still get confused all the time. Maybe it's the A-names? We are also both CRAZY organized.

Kamikaze Laundry Days at the Zen Apartment

Although my apartment is the best thing since salted butter, it is missing a laundry machine. Thankfully, the Zen Laundry Facilities are right downstairs. I don't even have to put on socks and shoes. I try to stay out of Allison & Robin's way, though. I don't want to abuse the laundry privileges. So I bring them snacks and treats as thanks and I streak through their living room in a blur of laundry-laden speed. I like to peek out of their bedroom and judge whether the movie they are watching is in a super suspenseful part, then I go into a runners crouch and.... GO!