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You Know What Makes Me Happy? Nom Nom Nom Tea Club.

The Ladies (& 2 Men) that I sit/work with are completely lovely. I didn't draw them all in this picture. This is a sampling (Left to Right: Me, Kayla, Alessandra's back & Ashley). We've bonded over tea, candied ginger, stories of our love lives, engagement stories, wedding planning, puppets, Phineas & Ferb, clothes, dentists who scam us, Elvis weddings, and dancing in our cubicles. But mostly we bond over tea.We love tea. We like it in bags and cheap. We like it loose and expensive. We like it most when it's loose and inexpensive. I've drawn us at our normal stations at the kitchen counter, waiting for the kettle to boil.

Office Robot Eyes. Dey Are A-Burning.

Office Robot has been working too hard. So have I. We are both getting headaches and eye strain from staring at our computers too intently for too long. We need to take some more breaks. Especially since I heard an interesting rumour that someone might have their eye on Office Robot. It's hard to say for sure, but I did think I saw them laughing (robot laughs sound like computer hums) in the photocopy room together. Hard to tell though since they are robots and they could have just been thinking. Robot thinking also makes a humming noise.

Robots are so hard to read.

We're In The Elevator - Break It Down!

When I got in the elevator the other day I surprised someone in the middle of a dance move! He looked embarrassed but I was in love with the idea of dancing in the elevator when you are on it by yourself. Or with coworkers. Or the CEO. Okay, maybe if it's the CEO, restrain yourself. But otherwise, why spend your time standing there and being boring? Plus elevators can have some really great mirror effects going on that make even the most mundane dancing seem awesome.