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Inspiration: Sabrina Vincent - Illustrator

Isn't this watercolour gorgeous? Sabrina Vincent is the first artist inspiration I am featuring on my blog, because I am in love with her fanciful and endearing illustrations. You all know that I am more in love with Watercolour illustrations every day, and I have begun following my favourite illustrators through blogs and pinterest.

Happy Bunny & Matt: Puppet Edition

Yesterday Happy Bunny got married! Aaaaaaand: finally I can reveal the gift that Jay and I made for them! I figured out what I wanted to make right after they got engaged: puppets of themselves. Back then I hadn't made puppets professionally.

I also had two years ahead of me to figure it out.

So of course I wait until 4 months beforehand to get started.

Magical Flying Chicken Balls! Huzzah!

Puppetry is awesome. Wanna make some puffy yellow chick balls with huge confused eyes and put them through an acrobatic series of somersaults and flips for no good reason other than that it would look cool? Puppetry lets you do that. This past weekend was my first ever Puppet Slam. Also my first ever live performance despite having been a puppeteer for a year and a half. That's me on the left, trying to make Tiffany (our fat chick) fly.