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How Things Are Going #3

This is what life looks like now. I haven't made the bed. I haven't washed anything but bottles today, so the kitchen is a mess. I showered, but didn't bother with make-up or drying my hair, which has been in a wet bun since 7am. My back is spasming, I stepped in poison ivy so my foot is swollen and itchy, and I rolled over the toe on my other foot with a shopping cart, so the entire toe is black. We went to Mother Goose at Ontario Early Years this morning and I didn't know half of the songs, so I just made up lots of words. My baby isn't wearing any pants and neither am I. 

But YOU GUYS!!!! We just spent an hour and a half reading our favourite stories in a sunlit bed and then fell asleep all cuddled together in the detritus of all our favourite books and I actually, ACTUALLY can't imagine spending the afternoon in any better way.