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Gluten Free Ginger Molasses Cookie Recipe

This is my Grandma Dorothy's recipe for Ginger Sparkles, made over by my mom to be gluten free. This is a kind of thick, soft cookie with tons of molasses flavour. You can easily make this back into a gluten-filled cookie by using wheat flour instead of brown rice flour. I honestly can't tell the difference between the gluten and not gluten versions, and I've been eating these my whole life. 

Velma's Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are everything I ever wanted in a shortbread cookie, including my entire life pre-Celiac disease. You can tell just from eating a spoonful of dough what's coming and it's nothing but super buttery perfection. I know I'm not alone because when my mom made them, she called me right away and told me they were also the shortbread cookie SHE had been waiting for her whole life!

I Never Mean For Things To Go Up In Flames

Growing up I was a terrible cook. I was impatient with instructions, impatient with waiting, impatient with mixing things properly. I wanted to cook everything at once, on the highest heat and without reading directions so that I could eat faster. That hasn't really changed.

But over time I have learned to make the things that I love and do them well, as long as I can avoid rushing. With some painful exceptions.