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Sans Gluten: Homegrown Hamilton

Homegrown Hamilton is an adorable, way-larger-than-it-looks-on-the-inside, Celiac friendly restaurant/bar/brunch place in Hamilton. I was dead sure that there was nowhere to brunch in this city when we moved here and I got diagnosed as Celiac at the same time. My lifelong friend (and Hamilton local!) Jennie buckled down and found Homegrown Hamilton, and it was absolutely delicious and -- most importantly -- safe!

Sans Gluten: Cardinal Rule (Toronto)

Cardinal Rule is an awesome restaurant. Their brunch is my favourite, and was my favourite even before I was diagnosed with Celiac. I am happy to feature them in a new series I am doing on Gluten-Free living called "Sans Gluten". This will cover restaurants, recipes that work for me, and anything else that comes up like tips for eating out or feeding your friend who just found out she's Celiac, or whatever!