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Elton, Billy, and a Hysterical Sobbing Fit

I grew up listening to Elton John, Billy Joel, and Van Morrison. Every memory of my childhood, every significant event in my life is tied to a song of theirs. I remember the lyrics to everything and I can sing almost every song. When Brenna flew to Australia I sobbed my eyes out very pitifully to "Daniel" for about 4 days straight. And when I finally got over that, I sobbed my eyes out to "Rocket Man" for reasons I still don't fully understand.

Guest Post: Hiking To A Monastery One Day...

This post is a guest post brought to you by Hitoko Okada, who has been featured in a few stories on Living In A Green Room (here and here). She agreed to be my second guest blogger and her story made me laugh out loud. So... enjoy! And visit her blog to take a peek at her clothing and art designs. Hiking toward an old Buddhist monastery deep in the Himalayan foothills of Sikkim, India, I intercepted a small group of German botanists adventuring on a orchid expedition. I was delighted!

Most Futile Tennis Lessons Possible

When I was a pre-teen, my parents decided they would spring for tennis lessons for my sister and I. I remember having little-to-no interest in this, but they were near our house and I was reaching an "epic fail" level of athleticism so I succumbed to the pressure. The worst way I can possibly imagine to teach tennis to an athletic failure would be to--get this-- run laps every time they fail to hit the ball.