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Driving Lessons Are The Bane of My Existence

I don't really advertise this about myself, but I absolutely detest not being good at things. You can ask any of the kids I went through grade school with. The day I realized I couldn't hit a baseball, I declared myself "not a sporty person" and spent the entire rest of my childhood baseball career making daisy chains in left field. Then I grew up and realized that this kind of behaviour is completely juvenile. So I hide it. HA.

I am learning how to drive. For the second time.

Guest Post: In The Footsteps Of The Godfather

Guest blog time, again! Grace (a.k.a. "My Mom") agreed to write one if I would illustrate it. You will probably be able to tell where I get my 'voice' from. This is from her first trip to Italy, wherein she also bought a killer red leather jacket that I illustrated here. Okay, the main thing to know here is that I am absolutely phobic about heights. The third rung of a ladder is too high.