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Botanical Sketchbook: Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

This milkweed grows in our front yard, by our driveway in the summer. I always look for monarch butterfly cocoons but I haven’t seen one yet! Maybe I need more milkweed plants? I wish it would spread but that whole area is surrounded by hostile and rapidly spreading ground elder that I will one day deal with when I don’t have small children (HA)

February Blues- 2019 Edition

I’m embroidering around the faded neckline of this handmade Darling Ranges Dress (The fabric is by Martha Negley). I thought you would prefer this image to my grumpy face. Ha.

It’s been very icy and cold and generally gross out and I can feel the seasonal depression hitting me hard.

How Things Are Going #6

As most (all?) of you know, I am struggling. First, I just felt lots of self pity. Then, I assumed it was all kinds of terrible things. (For three measly sentences, let me tell you, that process took MONTHS.) Then, I went to a psychologist. She asked me if there is anyone in my family with seasonal depression. I said "Well, me, maybe. I sometimes have to sit in a UV lamp in the winter."

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Spring! 10 Ways to Embrace Spring Early.

We all struggle with the winter blues but February has always been particularly tough for me. This February has been sunnier and warmer than any other in my experience, but I still feel a fierce longing for spring. I can't wait to ride my bike along the water's edge, wake up with the sun instead of before it, and sit outside on my breaks from work. Do you want to embrace spring with me? Here are 10 ways I am embracing spring early: