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Market Mix Darling Ranges Dress & Me Made May Update

This Darling Ranges dress has shown up in a bunch of Instagram photos already. I made it for my bridal shower and now can't stop wearing it. It is SO comfortable. And the pockets are PERFECT (you know what I mean... perfect depth, perfect placement... just PERFECT).

I have an addiction to this Martha Negley fabric collection. I can't stop making clothes with vegetables on them. I am finishing a radish dress from this same collection today. It's hard to see the details in these pictures, but the dress is covered in all things you would find at a farmers market... zinnia's, radishes, carrots, cherries... !

Black Swiss Dot Gathered Neck Blouse

As I mentioned previously, my new (sewing related!!) job requires black, red, and white shirts. I initially bought a few black and red T-shirts to tide me over while I build some better stuff.... like this blouse! Loosely inspired by this Burda blouse that I could not stop staring at when I found it on Pinterest, I drafted this one myself... basically it's just like the Burda one, but with a back yoke and front and back darts. 

Purging & Rebuilding my Wardrobe

I've been reading this blog Into Mind and also Colette Patterns Wardrobe Architect Series.  I've also had tons of time to think about what I wear every day as I am now sewing some of it. It inspired me to completely purge my closet last night. It's been a while since I last did that, and even when I did do it previously, I was always saving things for sentimental reasons or in case I fit them again. Last night I was completely and thoroughly brutal about whether I would ever wear an item again, I tried it on and if it looked terrible, I donated it. 

So two massive garbage bags later, I am left with about 6 skirts (3 are green? Hmm), 1 pair of dress pants, 3 pairs of jeans, some workout clothes, 2 hoodies, about 5 dresses (2 fancy and 3 everyday), an awesome swimsuit, about 8 loose button-downs/blouses, 1 blazer, 1 sweater, 4 cardigans and a handful of knit tops (hopefully to be shortly replaced). 

You guys, it feels and looks like NOTHING is in my closet. 

Sewing: Colette Pattern's Zinnia Skirts

The urge to sew has come back! I used to sew for a living. As many people who do what they love for a living have found out, there can be too much of a good thing. It apparently took four years to come out of this dry spell. I did do some sewing for a few movies in the evenings and make some puppets in that time, but until starting to teach a few classes at Needlework I basically wouldn't pick up a sewing needle unless forced. It took me four or more months to sew one button on one of Jay's favourite shirts. That's how bad it was.