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Reading is Sexy, Dammit!

I love reading. A lot. I read my first book when I was in grade one and I was unstoppable from that point. When we would go to the library in grade school, my mom would limit me to 16 books a visit. I would always zip through them long before the due date. I worked through most of our local library. Mysteries, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Popular Novels, Teen Romances, Kids paperbacks -- I loved them all.

"Boo-Yah" Maxi Dress DIY For Tall Girls

Maxi dresses! You don't have to shave. You look hot. You keep cool. You can wear the comfiest shoes and nobody knows. You can finally wear your jean jacket with something. Maxi dresses, Sock Buns, and my new glasses are my latest obsessions. *screeching vinyl sound*

Should come with warning message: Only attempt this if you are short.