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You Know Who Makes Me Happy? My Mom.

It's Mother's Day! I just wanted to write a short post to tell you all about how amazing my mom is. The illustrated picture is of my mom with Brenna and I at roughly the ages of 9 and 6. I feel like some of my most poignant memories of my mom were at this age. I still remember watching her get ready to go out to dinner with my dad and curling her hair, putting on lipstick and perfume and fancy shoes and being in awe of how beautiful she was (and still is).

This Writer Is 28 Years Old / 16 Years On A Bus

Today is my birthday! When I was a kid, I had a lot of expectations about what I would be like at 28 (married, house, two kids, job as a shop owner). I think childhood me would be pretty confused at how adult me has turned out. But that's okay. What did I know as a kid, anyways? I definitely didn't expect that mostly I would be exactly the same!

Pine River Cheese: Best Cheese. Biggest Cheese Curd Shortage.

Pine River Cheese is the best cheese. I say this because I have a cottage near the factory where Pine River Cheese is produced and I have eaten it almost my entire life.

Until last year. When the cheese factory BURNED DOWN.

This led to an epic autumn car chase through the city of Toronto in search of 'The Cheese'. It culminated in a showdown in Loblaws near Scarlett Rd. where I spotted two tiny packages on the top shelf and Brenna leaped for my throat across the dairy aisle. I lost the last package to her feral growling.

Happy Bunny & Matt: Puppet Edition

Yesterday Happy Bunny got married! Aaaaaaand: finally I can reveal the gift that Jay and I made for them! I figured out what I wanted to make right after they got engaged: puppets of themselves. Back then I hadn't made puppets professionally.

I also had two years ahead of me to figure it out.

So of course I wait until 4 months beforehand to get started.

Elton, Billy, and a Hysterical Sobbing Fit

I grew up listening to Elton John, Billy Joel, and Van Morrison. Every memory of my childhood, every significant event in my life is tied to a song of theirs. I remember the lyrics to everything and I can sing almost every song. When Brenna flew to Australia I sobbed my eyes out very pitifully to "Daniel" for about 4 days straight. And when I finally got over that, I sobbed my eyes out to "Rocket Man" for reasons I still don't fully understand.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Bonfires at the Beach.

I can't help but post summery posts lately. All I want to do is hang out at the beach and drink pina coladas and blog my happiness with the universe. We had a bonfire last weekend and hung out on the beach with my cousin and her husband and watched the fireworks go off in town. I love bonfires with cousins. I love bonfires with friends. I love the crazy bonfires where everyone is singing and people are wandering off in the dark to pee and nobody remembers anything they did the next morning.

One Year Living In A Green Room Anniversary!

Guess what today is? Okay, I know... I gave it away in the title. I am always doing that. THIS IS THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF LIVING IN A GREEN ROOM!!! I can't believe it's been a year. I swear I was sure that I only had enough material for 7 blog posts.

Like all years of my life, this one has had it's tumultuous moments. I started blogging the day after I lost my dream job to budget problems. I remember Allison telling me that I should blog because she would always read it.

"I Could Throw This At You But Then I Would Have To Kill You!"

Here is "blast from my teenage past" kind of story. I was a bit awkward as a teenager (aren't we all? Right?). I had all the requisite physical parts to be cute (long blonde hair, tall, curvy) but I was insanely clumsy and super shy. The summer that Happy Bunny and I turned 17 we took her red minivan (and Brenna) to the town near my cottage so we could suntan on the beach there and look at the cute town boys.

Demon Kitten Ninjas

Lucy & Mocha: 8 Months Old. Mocha (multi-coloured splotches), small, and terrified of everything. For fun she likes to do the Wishbone head-tilt and she is REALLY easy to confuse. She always looks at you like you just surprised the heck out of her for existing. Probably because when she turns her head away, she forgets you are there. Lucy (ginger) is smart and she is also a cat ninja. She uses her paws like human hands to pick things up and open doors.