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You Know What Makes Me Happy? The Cottage

We finally opened the cottage! It was so good to go up there. Even though we had to buy a roof carrier for the Jeep because we can't fit Finn in the trunk, the baby in the back seat and all of our baby stuff on the remaining chunk of the back seat. We didn't get a ton of time up there, since we arrived Saturday so that my mom and Brenna and her fiance could warm up the cottage before Molly arrived.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Waking Up With Mocha

Every morning Mocha wakes me up by crawling on top of my body, purring super loud and slowly petting my face with her paw. AT 5:00 AM. The first few times it happened, I woke up ready to kill people, and I would start swatting around without opening my eyes in a futile attempt to make whatever the heck was on my face GO AWAY. Then Jay would be like "Look at her! It's so cute! Open your eyes.... you can't be mad if you see this..." and then I would open my eyes and be magically transformed into the sappiest fool on the planet.

Failing at Sleeping

I am terrible at sleeping. I either go too long or too short. I can never find that sweet spot between drooling and dry leather tongue. If I hear any noise, instead of waking up, I talk to it (EMBARRASSING.) I never achieve cute bedhead. Instead, I wake up with a lions mane on one side of my head and strands of spaghetti on the other. I am always either too hot or too cold.

Demon Kitten Ninjas

Lucy & Mocha: 8 Months Old. Mocha (multi-coloured splotches), small, and terrified of everything. For fun she likes to do the Wishbone head-tilt and she is REALLY easy to confuse. She always looks at you like you just surprised the heck out of her for existing. Probably because when she turns her head away, she forgets you are there. Lucy (ginger) is smart and she is also a cat ninja. She uses her paws like human hands to pick things up and open doors.

When The Going Gets Tough, Fall Asleep In Your Laundry

am having "One Of Those Weeks". You know, when everything seems to be going SO wrong that you actually give up on fixing things or even mentally processing what's happening and just eat ice cream and rice out of the pot and fall asleep in the middle of your carpet on top of all of your not-quite-dry laundry after a Cheetos Binge? And then you wake up kind of clammy at 2am with a Cheeto brick in your digestive tract?