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Attacked by a Goose in the Snow

I used to live in Stratford, Ontario. Stratford is in something we Canadians call a "Snow Belt", meaning that it snows from basically November to May. A lot. I was thoroughly equipped with snow gear by my mom before moving to Stratford. Super warm boots and a very ugly puffy coat and about 40 scarves. But there are still limitations. Like... you can only see as far as you can see in a blizzard, and your legs are still only their normal length, and your feet are not snowshoes and never will be.

Slush Jumping: What You Need To Know To Survive

Downtown Toronto has got to be the slushiest place in the world in January and February. Multiple truckloads of snow, immediately trampled by thousands of warm-footed business people? That snow has zero chances of staying snowy for long. Instead, it becomes slush and slithers it's way into the street corners where most people stand on the curb and look down in dismay at the slush lake between them and the other street corner crossing.