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You Know What Makes Me Happy? The Beach.

This is not a normal post. This is a post FROM THE BEACH. I am on my first real vacation in a few years, with Jay, at the cottage. Mostly I've been eating delicious food and laughing at the cats and re-reading Harry Potter. Being up here has reminded me of being a little kid and walking down the beach and being swung through the air between my parents. Yes, I used to be super blonde and wear green and pink together.

Spider Bike

Every morning I come down and find a huge spider web draped across my bike. Normally, in the rest of my life, I would just quietly walk away and take the TTC, but NO. THIS IS MY BIKE AND I WILL DEFEND IT. I cautiously approach and, with a stick from the lawn, furiously attack the air around my bike like a fencing champion. I can tell this is the Charlotte of Bike Spiders since this spider is so prolific in her web-making skills. She has usually gone from floor to ceiling, around both bicycles, and through and under many of the spokes.

All Boats Have Spiders, But ESPECIALLY THAT ONE.

When I was an early teen, I had a fairly healthy fear of spiders built up. We've seen evidence of this in previous posts, but this story is one of the instances that morphed my fear into a downright paranoia. It will also explain why people saying "But THIS spider is just a baby" sends me into a rage. Our cottage had a rowboat, a canoe, and a small one-person sailboat that my dad would take out.