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Swim (Illustration Friday)

I've gotta confess, this is an old watercolour! But I never posted it, because it was my very first attempt at watercolour after years and years of not painting. It's been sitting on my desktop, waiting to be used for something. Every time I look at it, I smile, because this little scuba guy is who led me down the path I am on now! It only seems fitting that he pop up now for Illustration Friday. 

All Boats Have Spiders, But ESPECIALLY THAT ONE.

When I was an early teen, I had a fairly healthy fear of spiders built up. We've seen evidence of this in previous posts, but this story is one of the instances that morphed my fear into a downright paranoia. It will also explain why people saying "But THIS spider is just a baby" sends me into a rage. Our cottage had a rowboat, a canoe, and a small one-person sailboat that my dad would take out.