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You Know What Makes Me Happy? Christmas Cow

I know it's early, but who can resist a Christmas Cow? He's so into his candy cane and his reindeer bells make me grin from ear to ear! I passed his likeness all around my office today and everyone's adoration of him made me super happy. When I was 13, I made a Christmas Cow ornament out of scraps of fabric my Grandma gave to me.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Nom Nom Nom Tea Club.

The Ladies (& 2 Men) that I sit/work with are completely lovely. I didn't draw them all in this picture. This is a sampling (Left to Right: Me, Kayla, Alessandra's back & Ashley). We've bonded over tea, candied ginger, stories of our love lives, engagement stories, wedding planning, puppets, Phineas & Ferb, clothes, dentists who scam us, Elvis weddings, and dancing in our cubicles. But mostly we bond over tea.We love tea. We like it in bags and cheap. We like it loose and expensive. We like it most when it's loose and inexpensive. I've drawn us at our normal stations at the kitchen counter, waiting for the kettle to boil.

I Try To Tell Myself That It Only FEELS Like Wheat Is In Everything

I stopped eating wheat. I think it's been about a month. Maybe 6 weeks. Or maybe more than a year. It feels like more than a year. I dream about it. My friend Kristi made a waffle puppet and then I had a dream that there were waffles speaking to me and demanding I eat them before they get cold.

I'm trying to be adult about it because I look at Ashley, my new coworker-in-crime, who is gluten free (way harder) and vegan (WAY harder) and she seems fine. She even seems...happy. Motivated. Energetic.

Kamikaze Laundry Days at the Zen Apartment

Although my apartment is the best thing since salted butter, it is missing a laundry machine. Thankfully, the Zen Laundry Facilities are right downstairs. I don't even have to put on socks and shoes. I try to stay out of Allison & Robin's way, though. I don't want to abuse the laundry privileges. So I bring them snacks and treats as thanks and I streak through their living room in a blur of laundry-laden speed. I like to peek out of their bedroom and judge whether the movie they are watching is in a super suspenseful part, then I go into a runners crouch and.... GO!

When The Going Gets Tough, Fall Asleep In Your Laundry

am having "One Of Those Weeks". You know, when everything seems to be going SO wrong that you actually give up on fixing things or even mentally processing what's happening and just eat ice cream and rice out of the pot and fall asleep in the middle of your carpet on top of all of your not-quite-dry laundry after a Cheetos Binge? And then you wake up kind of clammy at 2am with a Cheeto brick in your digestive tract?

Zen 2.0 & The Green Room Collide and Make Sweet Magic

Have you heard of the Zen Apartment? Or its new incarnation as Zen 2.0? Allison of Create Positive Spin & Robin of Still Motion Image moved in downstairs in December. We are a blogging mecca, this house. You have seen Allison in previous posts, but you might be wondering how it's going, with the Green Room stacked over Zen 2.0? Can both wonderful places exist at the same latitude and longitude on earth without explosions of happiness and possible nuclear fallout?