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Sans Gluten: Cardinal Rule (Toronto)

Cardinal Rule is an awesome restaurant. Their brunch is my favourite, and was my favourite even before I was diagnosed with Celiac. I am happy to feature them in a new series I am doing on Gluten-Free living called "Sans Gluten". This will cover restaurants, recipes that work for me, and anything else that comes up like tips for eating out or feeding your friend who just found out she's Celiac, or whatever!

Moving To Hamilton: Part 1

I am moving to Hamilton in 3 weeks to make a home with Jay. Happy Bunny is moving to California for the summer to be with Mr. Happy Bunny. My name twin and past roommate Amanda is moving to Philadelphia. It feels like everyone is moving right now. I am beyond excited to move. Make a home with Jay? Have the two cutest kitties ever and maybe add a dog? Have spending money? Join the loveliest and most supportive arts community I have ever heard of? Space for a studio?

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Hamilton

Did you know that Jay and I are looking for a house in Hamilton? And that Hamilton is awesome? YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IN HAMILTON. I got this tote bag from Russell Gibbs (he keeps bees!), and it's my new favourite thing. I bring it all over Toronto on my bicycle to shock my fellow locals. For those of you who are not local, everyone in Toronto thinks that Hamilton is a really dirty suburb and everyone in Hamilton thinks that Torontonians are weird arrogant city people who foolishly think Hamilton is a suburb of Toronto.

As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Finished!!)

You know what makes me feel awesome? Finishing something, framing it, and sending it out into the world. Or in this case, framing it and walking it down to Gurts where Matt praised it over and over again and is going to sell it to unsuspecting people who come in to buy frozen yogurt. Of course, this project isn't REALLY done since I am working on Part 2 (Fern to Geoffrey) pretty much nonstop. I can't help it. Now that I have gotten started, I am steamrolling ahead.

As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Part 2)

Plugging away at this! You can see I am working on one block at a time, mostly to save sanity. This is the intersection of Pearson and Roncesvalles in Toronto. I live a few blocks from here! It's been a really great project so far. I recognize that it's a huge undertaking and am trying to remember to not become obsessive. So that I can sleep. And eat things. And do my day job.

As I Draw: Roncesvalles Map (Part 1)

It's the first block of a map of Roncesvalles Ave (my neighbourhood). The bottom layer is a meshed together screenshot from Google Maps, the second and third layers are pink guidelines to help with my perspective and sketching out of the houses and buildings before I complete them with the top layer of black. In the final drawing, there will be many many blocks and all the under layers will be erased.

Pine River Cheese: Best Cheese. Biggest Cheese Curd Shortage.

Pine River Cheese is the best cheese. I say this because I have a cottage near the factory where Pine River Cheese is produced and I have eaten it almost my entire life.

Until last year. When the cheese factory BURNED DOWN.

This led to an epic autumn car chase through the city of Toronto in search of 'The Cheese'. It culminated in a showdown in Loblaws near Scarlett Rd. where I spotted two tiny packages on the top shelf and Brenna leaped for my throat across the dairy aisle. I lost the last package to her feral growling.

Farmer Amanda vs. Wilfred the Rabid

This is the first year that I have ever grown my own vegetables. I have tomatoes, peppers, alpine strawberries, and a bunch of assorted herbs and spices. I bought all new pots in the spring, organic seedlings and have, for the first time in my life, remembered to water everything religiously. Nobody has been as excited as I have been to watch my little plants grow. Jay bought me rainbow-coloured tomato stands and soil and we have been inspecting and encouraging the plants at every opportunity.

The Bind

Two mornings ago I was in a bind. And by bind I mean both as a difficult situation and as tight or restricted clothing. How did I get there? I will explain. I wore my hippy skirt on my bicycle.

If you've ever done this, that will explain everything to you. If not, keep reading.

I was going to work and I decided to wear my new flowing hippy skirt and my new "hipster" glasses. I made it to Queen West when my bike started to slow down for no really good reason. (Or so I thought).