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White Oak Leaf Botanical Watercolour

Just posting about a watercolour commission I did for Christmas (It's so hard to not spill the beans on top secret commissions, especially when I love them this much!!). This is a White Oak Leaf botanical watercolour that I made for a family whose beloved White Oak tree is slowly dying. It means a lot to me, too, because they live on the street that my mom's family grew up on and I spent a lot of time as a child playing under the shade of this tree! 

House Hunting (and a new Painting!)

We are looking for a new house. I can't help but get emotionally attached to certain houses we see... maybe it's the nesting instinct or just my normal emotionally reactive personality. I think "I can see us raising our family here!" and then all rational thought goes out the window. Good thing Jay can keep a level head. 

The Makins House!

Hello, adorable and sunshiny house! I was excited to paint this one, because it's actually three houses all connected. It looks like brownstones in New York or something, but it's all in Hamilton! (Hamilton seriously has some awesome architecture). If you are interested in having a house portrait done, you can check out my pricing guidelines or my Etsy listing. ​

As I Draw: Candy Store Hijinx

Have you ever painted many layers of overlapping glass filled with colourful objects? In hindsight, I should have thought this through slightly better. Eyestrain headaches behind me, I can admit that I love this painting the best. You can see the final painting in a larger size and with many close-up process shots on my portfolio. I used Fineline Masquepen to carefully mask out the eyes, the shop owner's hair and mustache, and some of the lollipop sticks. That kept them nice and white through the sloppy underpainting stage.