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What I've Been Working On: August 2018

Wow, what a month! I apparently have been very busy. Ha. I feel like my fingers are on fire (in a good way like I can't stop making things and also in a bad way because they hurt from making so many things). It really feels like my hands are trying to make up for their year of low energy levels by trying to literally create every spare minute. Mentally I love it but also wish I could slow down a bit and maybe not lay awake for hours in bed thinking about painting. But what can you do in these periods except just roll with what your body is telling you to do? Making makes me happy. 

Abstract #6 + Some Life Musings

I recently discovered Yupo paper... it's actually plastic (and many of you might know that I actually really dislike most plastic things for environmental reasons). It's kind of nice though because if you mess up, you can wipe the entire thing off with...