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That's the Face of a Man Who Appreciates Prosciutto

I absolutely love weddings. I never fail to enjoy myself. Well, actually, that's true of my personality in general, but I ESPECIALLY enjoy myself at weddings. Jay (and Brenna and HER Jay) helped my good friends Eliana and Mark tie the knot this weekend. I had to share this picture because it's one of the best ones we have taken in a while! Jay looks so happy because he just ate only the prosciutto parts of a dozen prosciutto-wrapped breadsticks.

Happy Bunny & Matt: Puppet Edition

Yesterday Happy Bunny got married! Aaaaaaand: finally I can reveal the gift that Jay and I made for them! I figured out what I wanted to make right after they got engaged: puppets of themselves. Back then I hadn't made puppets professionally.

I also had two years ahead of me to figure it out.

So of course I wait until 4 months beforehand to get started.

Before Happy Bunny Gets Married

Happy Bunny is getting married next week. I am trying not to think about it too much in case the overwhelming and conflicting emotions roil up and make me puke or cry or sneeze or laugh. Or ALL OF THOSE THINGS AT ONCE.

I feel like it was only a week ago that we were eight years old, hiding our trolls in the garden so just puffs of fun fur stuck up over the flowers.

Last Night I Beat Up A Bridegroom

Last night was Happy Bunny's Bachelorette. I can't really blog about that since bachelorette parties require a sacred vow of lifelong silence. So I will just tell you the vital info you need to understand this story: 1. We went to the Biermarket. 2. I drank half a huge bottle of wild vines directly prior. 3. I wore my hair in a helicopter-style top-of-the-head ponytail that I only remembered AFTER drawing this picture. But for some reason that I prefer not to analyze, people were really into documenting that ponytail. 4. There was a Bachelor Party also at Biermarket with a whole bunch of really tall, really drunk, really happy guys.

Blood, Cows & Weddings

I came across some old emails between Happy Bunny & I and was reminiscing about our old adventures. So I illustrated one for you, so you can all feel like you were there, too! In my first year of University, I was invited to a wedding on a farm. I brought Happy Bunny as my guest and we trekked out to the country in her dad's red minivan. We didn't know anyone and we were early.

But we were prepared.

5 Scantily Clad Bridesmaids and a Bunny

Have you ever been bridesmaid dress shopping? They take a bunch of girls, give them next-to-no guidance about fabrics or fits of dresses, let them grab random sparkly things off of racks and racks of sparkly and flowy things and then shove them in a room in the basement for an hour. I think they assume that we will all murder each other and survival of the fittest will decide the dress.