Baby Bunny

Happy Bunny is pregnant! (For those of you who are confused, Happy Bunny is my best friend. For whatever reason, I paint her in a bunny suit and refuse to admit she doesn't dress that way in real life.) 

Double Pink Peonies

Double pink peonies, which I sketched and photographed from Peony Garden in Hamilton.  Jay dropped me off there one afternoon and I wandered all over the property, sketching and taking reference photos. They have SO many gorgeous flowers, I was overwhelmed! This is called a double pink peony, which is the one that comes to mind for most people, I think, when they think of peonies. 

Mophead Hydrangeas & Weekends

I bought a new sketchbook, and I think I'll keep it for flowers. It's thick enough to withstand some watercolour washes, and has a lovely rag edge. It's good to take notes on things like how the stems connect to the flowers and how the light hits the petals, for when I horribly and disastrously murder each plant...

Ranunculus asiaticus Botanical Watercolour

This is a Persian Buttercup, also known as Ranunculus asiaticus. I spent most of my life having no clue this flower existed, until Pinterest and many bloggers started obsessing over them. They are crazy beautiful and very similar to roses. They also have hollow, very floppy stems that do NOT hold up well to handling and close inspection while painting. Now I know. 

This colour is "Sunset Orange", and it came from I Fiori in Hamilton. Bev had all kinds of interesting looking inspirations for me... I can tell that I'm just going to have to move into her store. 

Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora' Botanical Illustration

This shrub grows in our backyard and is one of the happiest looking plants ever. It's also huge. Now that I've looked it up on the internets, I see that I should be cutting it back aggressively every year. Hmmm. That might be why it's a monster shrub. ​

​I can't seem to stop painting flowers. I'm just gonna go with it until I get tired. 

We spent the weekend at the cottage with my family, and Monday on Happy Bunny's deck, laughing and playing with the dog and eating. Best weekend ever!​

New York Brownstone Watercolour Portrait

It's pretty much my dream to have a brownstone in New York. This is a recently finished commission, but I was drooling with jealousy the whole time! Everything, even the doors, is so beautiful and cool. ​

Ahhh, sigh of envy. ​

​On the plus side, this was a pleasure to paint, and I'm so happy with it. Happily, the owner agreed to let me add it to my portfolio, so I can share it with all of you! 

Now, back to painting flowers... I've moved on to apple blossoms.​


Do you ever wonder if you can paint flowers? I'd never painted a flower in my life, until today. I would look at other artists flowers and be both fascinated and repelled. Especially in watercolour, I would stare and dissect and try to figure out how each ​petal got that way, and how the light played on leaves and whether I thought they did a good job.