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Black and White Datura Blouse

I finished my first Datura blouse! I made my "wearable muslin" out of scraps from a maxi dress and my Black Swiss Dot Blouse so it's basically like I made this shirt for free (yay!). It's maybe a slight bit too big, but it was hard to tell in the making of it because Deer & Doe patterns don't go up to my size, so I was very much winging it and in many places redrafting it completely. So I will narrow down the shoulder and take in the sides a bit on the next version. 

Radish Shirtdress

I finished my radish dress! This is from the same Martha Negley collection I blogged about yesterday. I wore heels in the backyard and was sinking deep into the ground every step. If you are coming to the wedding do not wear heels! It was a disaster! I could not stop laughing, running back and forth to the camera on my tiptoes like a lunatic. And then Finn escaped the backyard and I was running all over, shouting for him, on my tiptoes the entire time. 

Market Mix Darling Ranges Dress & Me Made May Update

This Darling Ranges dress has shown up in a bunch of Instagram photos already. I made it for my bridal shower and now can't stop wearing it. It is SO comfortable. And the pockets are PERFECT (you know what I mean... perfect depth, perfect placement... just PERFECT).

I have an addiction to this Martha Negley fabric collection. I can't stop making clothes with vegetables on them. I am finishing a radish dress from this same collection today. It's hard to see the details in these pictures, but the dress is covered in all things you would find at a farmers market... zinnia's, radishes, carrots, cherries... !

Black Swiss Dot Gathered Neck Blouse

As I mentioned previously, my new (sewing related!!) job requires black, red, and white shirts. I initially bought a few black and red T-shirts to tide me over while I build some better stuff.... like this blouse! Loosely inspired by this Burda blouse that I could not stop staring at when I found it on Pinterest, I drafted this one myself... basically it's just like the Burda one, but with a back yoke and front and back darts. 

Me-Made-May 2014

There's this thing in the sewing-blog world called "Me-Made-May" where people who make their own clothes make a pledge in an effort to fully utilize and be more mindful of their handmade wardrobe items. I am planning to partake! Due to the wedding (Oh my god, one month away!) and a new job that requires only black and red clothing, I probably won't be able to wear handmade clothing every single day. The idea of the challenge is to pick something that is challenging to YOU, so I think 5 days will be challenging for me, since I only just started sewing my own clothing! 

Handmade (Men's) Wardrobe: Button-Down Shirts.

In my frenzied button-down-shirt construction madness a few weeks ago, I made two shirts for Jay, too. First I made the casual Negroni shirt from Colette Patterns, then I made the adjusted version as detailed on Male Pattern Boldness. Making a man's shirt was a different experience for me, since I am so used to crazy patterns and colours and style lines of women's clothing. Suddenly every little detail and aspect of the shirt felt more important. Suddenly the number of pockets, the shape of the cuffs and collar all felt more meaningful.