All in Knitting

Give Me All The Crafts Please

I learned how to knit! Well actually, my mom taught me the basics when I was a kid (it didn't stick), and then my friend Cathy (she just opened a spinning pop-up shop in my fave yarn store) taught me again while I was pregnant but now I am really actually knitting! 

It has been pointed out to me by a few people lately that I apparently have a reputation for being able to pick up new skills quite quickly. I feel like this makes me sound kind of obnoxious? Especially because the reality involves me sometimes throwing the knitting across the room in a fit of rage. It makes me feel like maybe I should pretend to be bad at things so that people don't hate me. But I can't do that because I want to love what I am making, even though everything I have knitted so far has had huge chunks ripped out or is just living with it's flaws (Molly doesn't care if I knitted when I should have purled!)