Cowboy Boots & Clean Feet

We were walking through a fair when I spotted a booth selling used cowboy boots. I've (desperately) wanted some for some time, now, so I dragged Jay in even though there was no salesperson around and used boots at fairs are sketchy. It looked like there were some women's styles that were maybe size eleven, so I was taking my time poking through them when the salesman showed up.

You Know What Makes Me Happy? Christmas Cow

I know it's early, but who can resist a Christmas Cow? He's so into his candy cane and his reindeer bells make me grin from ear to ear! I passed his likeness all around my office today and everyone's adoration of him made me super happy. When I was 13, I made a Christmas Cow ornament out of scraps of fabric my Grandma gave to me.

Old Ladies in Space

I love costume parties like I love loudly singing to myself on my bicycle. Which is to say: A LOT. Although I have a costuming background and was a seamstress for a few years, I am completely impatient and lazy when it comes to crafting my own costumes. The planning, patience and time required to craft a truly amazing outfit is beyond me. It's like there is an amazing sliding scale of standards in my mind that means that after one hour of labour on a costume for myself, I am suddenly willing to settle for being a paper bag princess. Every year.

Becoming a Children's Illustrator: Mind Map To End All Mind Maps

Are you thinking of becoming an Illustrator? Photographer? Writer? Disc Jockey to alien species? Discovering of all the avenues you need to pursue can be tough (I would know). Having finally decided after a long time of writing and illustrating a life blog a couple times a week that I wanted to really buckle down and pursue this dream, I immediately threw myself into tons of reading materials, online blogs, and illustration society websites. I also sat down with more than a few illustrator friends and picked their brains.

Reading is Sexy, Dammit!

I love reading. A lot. I read my first book when I was in grade one and I was unstoppable from that point. When we would go to the library in grade school, my mom would limit me to 16 books a visit. I would always zip through them long before the due date. I worked through most of our local library. Mysteries, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Popular Novels, Teen Romances, Kids paperbacks -- I loved them all.

This Writer Is 28 Years Old / 16 Years On A Bus

Today is my birthday! When I was a kid, I had a lot of expectations about what I would be like at 28 (married, house, two kids, job as a shop owner). I think childhood me would be pretty confused at how adult me has turned out. But that's okay. What did I know as a kid, anyways? I definitely didn't expect that mostly I would be exactly the same!

Oatmeal: The Homemade Napalm

Welcome to the worst oatmeal experience of my life. 2 Days ago. And no, nobody could make this shit up. It starts with me making oatmeal. In a skirt.

I did all the right things. I emptied the little packets into the bowl. I boiled the water. I added the water to the bowl. I stirred. I grabbed my spoon & oatmeal and walked out of the kitchen.