My Grandparent's House

I painted this watercolour for my uncle as part of our Secret Santa gift exchange, it's a recreation of the house that my mom's whole family grew up in, in Toronto. Some of my earliest memories are of Christmas dinners in this house, and rolling down these little hills in my snowsuit.

What Finnegan Ate: Earmuffs

Earmuffs are my thing. They are also Finnegan's thing, it seems. They must look like really awesome modular plushy toys or something. Plushies with a handle. It's like they are begging to be gummed up with slobber and then ripped apart.

What Finnegan Ate: Glue

Oh man, was he ever smacking his lips after this one. Really... because they were stuck together. I left him in the studio for a minute while I used the bathroom and could hear that he was eating something... URGH. This time I managed to get photographic evidence.

Owl Egg Timers & Advent Calendars

Jay gave me this owl timer yesterday as part of an advent calendar. He's winging it (ha) every day, but doing a pretty good (if slightly costly) job! Today I got a book of Christmas themed logic puzzles. I LOVE LOGIC PUZZLES! AND CHRISTMAS! AND OWLS! AND ADVENT CALENDARS!

What Finnegan Ate: SO Many Cat Toys

Finn has eaten SO many cat toys. He steals them whenever he can and he's super sneaky about it, too.

A couple weeks ago, when I was asleep in bed, he tried to steal some out of the cat teepee, got his head stuck, and leapt straight up onto the bed, legs scrambling, teepee still on his head, barking furiously.