2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a tumultuous year for me (and, I think Jay, too). I started the year as a newly engaged person, full steam ahead on planning our wedding in May and sewing my wedding dress and having bridal showers and practicing braiding my hair.

Christmas Puffin Loves To Steal Cookies Left Out for Santa

I have been too busy with commissions to make Christmas cards this year (sorry!!) but I did take the time this week to draw up this little Christmas Puffin. You can feel free to print him out and use him for personal use if you like! My little gift to you guys! You can also check out Christmas CowChristmas Ostrich and Christmas Sloth from previous years. 

My last commission goes out tomorrow and then I am officially focusing on all things Christmas! Our house isn't even decorated yet, I am so behind! Normally the kitties are already camped out under an overly tacky tree by now. And yes, those antlers the puffin is wearing? Look a lot like some I saw in the pet store for Finnegan. 

Happy Holidays, everybody!


Jay and I spent the last weekend in Chicago. We went for a work conference for him, and then stayed a few extra days in the downtown area. It was so much fun, and so exhausting! I mean seriously... travelling while pregnant is a whole new ballgame. We did lots of walking. Lots of very very slow walking.

Baby Update: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Today I am 24 weeks pregnant! Things with the baby seem to be going pretty well... ultrasounds show that the baby is healthy (and that it's a girl!). I was fully sobbing my eyes out from happiness in the hospital hallway after finding out it's a girl. I think I would have had that reaction no matter what sex the baby is, it was just so nice to know just one thing about the baby (babies are such a mystery until they come out and start having little personalities!). Jay was like "Um, other people in this hospital think something is terribly wrong, please stop crying like that." Ha! And then he quickly ushered me (sobbing the entire way) to the car.

Updated 2014: Where to Eat Gluten Free in Hamilton, ON

Eating Gluten Free (especially if you have Celiac Disease contamination issues) is never easy. I have lived in Hamilton for a couple years now, and although I don't know ALL the places, here are some local restaurants where you should be able to eat safely. This list has been updated from last years blog post, with new restaurants I have tried and some recommendations from people who have emailed me. Thanks for all your suggestions!

Anniversary: Niagara-on-the-Lake

We celebrated our 4th year of being together this weekend by going to Niagara-on-the-Lake (courtesy of an awesome wedding gift from our good friends - thank you guys!). I hadn't been to Niagara-on-the-Lake since I was a small kid and my aunt lived there. It's so cute! We stayed at the Pillar and Post, and ate a super delicious (perfectly gluten free!) dinner at The Cannery, which is a restaurant in the hotel. 

Happy 31st Birthday, Jay!

It's my favourite person's birthday today! I can't believe we are both 31 years old now. I can't believe how much my love for him grows every day. He is just the most patient, supportive, smart, handy and handsome man. I am so so lucky. 

House Hunting (and a new Painting!)

We are looking for a new house. I can't help but get emotionally attached to certain houses we see... maybe it's the nesting instinct or just my normal emotionally reactive personality. I think "I can see us raising our family here!" and then all rational thought goes out the window. Good thing Jay can keep a level head. 

Growing a Baby

Jay and I are having a baby! We are so so excited. We told friends and family a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write more of my feelings about pregnancy here. I know I've been totally absent from this space for months... it was hard to write while morning sickness was running rampant and I am still finding it hard to have energy in the day for anything other than growing the baby.