A Letter About My Health, Pregnancy, and Motherhood

Dear friends and other readers,

Discussing negatives of pregnancy and motherhood can be tough. I always struggle with a feeling that by expressing what is hard I am somehow being ungrateful for all the good parts. The reality is that I've found motherhood and pregnancy to be the most challenging thing I have ever done, but not in any of the ways I would have expected before choosing this path.

Recent Embroidery Work (For Sale!)

The last months have been consumed by embroidery as I got ready for (and successfully completed! - with the help of my sister, husband, mom and in laws) my first craft show table. The table also held prints, cards, and a few original paintings, but for the most part the star of the show was the embroidery work, and thankfully it was really well received! 

We're Having Another Baby!

We have some exciting news! Jay and I are expecting another baby in late April! We don't know the sex of the baby yet, or really much at all (babies are so mysterious). Our one ultrasound happened quite early on and I would show it to you but it's basically like looking at an ultrasound of a jelly bean. 

Abstract #6 + Some Life Musings

I recently discovered Yupo paper... it's actually plastic (and many of you might know that I actually really dislike most plastic things for environmental reasons). It's kind of nice though because if you mess up, you can wipe the entire thing off with...